BBM cookie dough bites

I CANNOT wait to make these! I haven’t made them yet because somehow I made it out of the store without my almond flour. I got everything else but forgot that main ingredient!

Anyway, if you’ve never heard of Bikini Body Mommy, she’s awesome. Her name is Briana and I follow her blog because she’s so real. It takes a lot of courage to post “before” pictures, but she does it to inspire others. I followed her blog before I went GF, but the great thing is that most of her recipes are either GF or can be modified to be GF pretty easily.

She did a facebook live video last week and I knew I had to save this recipe. She says they are quite indulgent and her whole family steals them from her. If you want to watch the video, click the link above. Otherwise, I snagged a screenshot so I could save the recipe easily.


If you want more yummy recipes or to be inspired by this mama of four who has lost 100+ pounds post-pregnancy, check her out. This picture is the one that sealed the deal for me and made me want to follow her. I hope my new lifestyle can get amazing results like hers!



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