Hashi What?

Turkey vegetable soup


Since I’m cutting out most processed foods and starches, and trying to eat “healthy,” I thought vegetable soup sounded kind of good. And low calorie too – only about 80 calories per cup!

I started with this weight-loss vegetable soup recipe as a base. I knew my husband would complain that it didn’t have any meat so I added ground turkey to it. The recipe was easy, you just have to make sure that you add veggies in the right order so that the heartier ones cook and others don’t get mushy – and you can make it with any veggies you want or whatever you have on hand. With prep and cooking, the whole thing only took about 45 minutes to complete. (Word to the wise: DON’T make this in the crockpot. My friend did and she said it was awful because every thing was mushy.)

The biggest thing to watch out for in this recipe is to check your labels when adding canned goods. A lot of manufacturers hide gluten in stuff like beef broth or canned soup.

I loved this soup! The colors were so bright and it was very hearty. However, since my husband and son weren’t big fans because it was “too vegetabley,” I had a bunch of leftovers. I sure hope it freezes well because I have a ton of it.